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Marco_subscribe_600x300Subscription to our magazine is free. New articles are published twice a month and will cover the subjects involving events of historical controversy. Articles published under the No-Affiliation Alliance concern voter rights issues and maintain an update of any new state and federal changes in voting law.

READ a FREE BOOK section is content contributed by the author. The buttons providing contributed content from independent authors will take the interested reader to the author’s website. All content on these pages and websites are copyright protected by Federal Copyright Laws.

To subscribe refer to the RSS FEED and type in your email address. Marco Communications does not sell any information nor does it share any personal information on subscribers or advertisers.

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Are you a self published author looking for a reasonable method of promoting your book? Marco Communications Media is an online magazine that publishes articles on historic events. We have ad space available at low cost that will bring readers to you. Prices begin at $45.00 for one year and up. For more information call: Robert Marco at 717 634 6297 or email Lisa Sax at:
Advertise your online business here. Marco Communications is a history publication and free book read magazine. It features the No-Affiliation Alliance Voter news segment on voting reform with an economic point’s forum and blog. It is not a scandal or news media. Our format is historical research on historical events – without political slant of opinion. It is for information purposes – knowledge for the wise! Foundation for the informed!

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