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The Rise of National Party and its Danger

The Rise of National Party and its Danger

Over the past 150 years a dramatic change has been to alter the process of making law to include a system of methods not proscribed in the Constitution that have by graduating degree been used to passively replace the sovereignty of the American people by arbitrary means.

The rise of political party was contained by state jurisdiction and the separations of departments created by the jurisdictional divides between the vested powers assigned to the federal and the reserved powers of the states mandated by the Bill of Rights of the United States.

The flaw created by the ambiguity left in the structure of the 14th Amendment has allowed the rise of national party to subjugate the American form of republican government by simply expanding the government structure from the interior outwards. This is being done by the creation of new independent agency and the expansion of existing independent agency operational protocol.

The current form of independent agency as regulatory authority since the New Deal of Socialism was introduced to the experiment has advocated the return of royal governorship similar to monarchical form. The agencies ability to modify its operational procedure has been expanded to go beyond the intended simplicity of general daily operations to a greater ability to make statutes equal to or superior to legislation replacing congress as the legislative body.

Legislation’s created by policy have by design built bridges over the constituted rights of citizens by loop holing the constructional checking mechanisms. Protected rights have been undermined eliminating the individual right of due process. The protections of state jurisdiction have been compromised in an attempt to eliminate state boundary. To accomplish this would dissolve state sovereignty reducing the state to the status of a county while enlarging the federal to an absolute power over all American territory.

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