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The founder of the group is a small business owner who ran for United States Congress in 2012 on the platform of small business representation and independent voter rights. He may not have won the election, but that does not mean the issues have become irrelevant.

After beginning the circulation of signature petitions; a requirement to have a candidate’s name printed on the general election ballot, Robert experienced a perspective of politics he never considered. In the first months of the campaign process he began to receive letters, emails and phone calls from organizations all wanting him to swear, pledge or contract that he will abide by their standards if elected. He was offered campaign funding if he “would just sign the paper” and align with these organization political policies.

Robert was tempted by the attraction of funding realizing after putting together his budget to determine the expense necessary to reach out and let people know he was running for office and to communicate his platform: but after consideration of his own principals and why he chose to run for office in the first place, he decided to ignore the special interest.

In his own rationalization of the situation he concluded; that if he was willing to accept any money from these groups before he was elected (regardless if they were simply asking him to abide to principals he already intended to do); that he would already be subsuming to the problem already existing in Washington that he intended to attack. There is a difference in the negotiation of legislation and the compromise of personal ethics – the wisdom is in knowing the difference.

noaffiliateThis is where the concept of the No-Affiliation Alliance evolved. Realizing early in his campaign that his chances of winning were small, Robert decided to make use of the public attention to promote the need for small business representation in both the State Assembly in Harrisburg and Congress in Washington D.C.

Another aspect of the No-Affiliation Alliance began to emerge focusing on the disadvantages independent candidates experience during the campaign process. It was a learning experience for Robert, a published author and freelance writer, to the predatory practices of both major parties in the exclusion of independents from the participation in debates and the neglect of fair media in the delivery of his platform.

So the secondary motivation of the No-Affiliation Alliance in the next coming year is to organize groups for candidate assistance. This group will be a cooperation of various voter rights groups that will help independent candidates with:

• the collection of signature petitions,
• organizing “meet the candidate” rallies,
• providing a media and venue to articulate each individual platform
• and provide a facility where candidates and their supporters can join with other candidates (running for different offices) for the purpose of combining forces to distribute flyers,
• make phone calls,
• combine their funding to buy advertisement
• And share expenses in purchasing materials and supplies.

The current project that Robert Marcoccio is sponsoring is getting the rights for independents to vote in the Pennsylvania primaries.

In July he began to circulate the idea of organizing the No-Affiliation voter registrant to accumulate into an independent voting group – NOT A THIRD PARTY.

The results of this effort from July till November 6, 2012; the No-Affiliation voting group increased by 70,000 registers and Robert observed how during his introduction of the idea and establishing of the ALLIANCE; that the voter status of No-Affiliation has become the second largest voting registering group in the state, by-passing both – all combined third party registrations (10,000 new registrations during the same time frame)-and Republican’s (35,000 new registrations from July till November). The goal is to increase the number of No-Affiliation voters to reach one million voters or more in Pennsylvania by the end of 2013.

Robert’s main argument against the exclusion of No-Affiliation voters from participation in the primary elections is that this status of voter are not a third party and are recognized officially by the State of Pennsylvania, the Board of Elections, the Federal Elections Commission, and both Democrat and Republican national parties as being – Democrat-Republican’s without strict party agenda.

This should not be cause for exemption and is an intellectual discrimination that the State is allowing the two parties to require a dedicated commitment to endorse a specific party policy at the threat of being disqualified to participate in what is a constituted privilege; to vote in a public election; funded by public money; in a primary election of a party these voters are officially accepted to belong. This exclusion is in violation to the 15th Amendment and the Voters Rights Act of 1964.

We can fight it in court, but other cases have prevailed in a favorable court decision only to find the judgment ignored by the state that has the constituted discretionary authority over the state election processes. For this reason it becomes necessary for the voter to take action and this demonstration by voter registration to No-Affiliation threatens directly the inner bureaucracy of both parties and the special interest foundations that master them.

This authority is being manipulated by the two parties who use their monopoly of elected officials in the state assembly to discriminate against voters of their own party to protect the party selection of candidates by classifying No-Affiliation voters as independents; simply because they express their first amendment right – not to support a national party agenda that does not reflect their own interest.

The ability of a voter to recluse in protest against policies – foreign and domestic – that do not represent their interest is the only means of expressing the individual voter’s discontent toward the party decisions being made at the national level; especially those policies that are against American industry and expose the risk of losing our civil liberties in exchange for international corporate profit by any means.

The ability of the two parties to exclude these No-Affiliation voters from a constitutionally protected right on a mere technicality is a blatant mockery of the entire free election process. This charge cannot be ignored as the results of the 2012 primary election showed that only 24% of registered Democrat and Republican’s participated in the selection of a candidate who would run on the November election in Pennsylvania while more than 550,000 N0-Affiliation independents were excluded. This number of exiled voters (currently 619,200 voters) could have changed the outcome of the elections.

It is because of this candid manipulation of elections that has discouraged millions of voters from participating in the selection of elected officials, resulting in the lamest bunch of bureaucrats (Party loyalist) to have ever assembled together at any time in American history for the State and Federal governments.

It should be obvious to the Board of Elections and the Governor of the State of Pennsylvania to recognize that this exclusion of eligible and qualified voters is a travesty and needs to be rectified by the next primary elections. The failure to recognize this by State officials of both parties can have a significant consequence in the November 2014, mid-term general election.


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