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The Inverted Bag Scenario by Robert Marcoccio


Over education is a result of institutional indoctrination that convinces an intellectual they have achieved the open mindedness to perceive that which other less educated individuals cannot understand. These enlightened individuals assume they are beyond the interior of either bag or box. They assumed they are on the outside looking in on all the others that have not reached the intellectual awareness to accept the notion of ideals and modes of thought beyond the norm.

The key to indoctrination is to convince an individual they have achieved intellectual enlightenment by inverting the bag or box so that the enlightened; though they are beyond the bag or box – are actually focused on the inverted bag of ideals. They have been trained to take the ideal of norm and reverse the perception. Truths are lies – lies are truth

He didn't believe a word he wrote

He didn’t believe a word he wrote

and no matter what the twist or spin these individual prefer to place on reality. They are still trapped by the bag or box because the only achievement they have successfully reached is the ability to pervert reason.

The concept of perpetual change without device or method to achieve the goal of the ideal is anarchist. The introduction of idea’s need to always be and without exception introduced with a system, method or prototype that is complete. If the end cannot be accomplished then introduction of the ideal should be treated as simply a suggestion: an idea still under construction!

Since the end of the civil war and the initial indoctrination brought by the Fourteenth Amendment; too many ideals have been allowed into our legislative process that has undefined conclusions. One of the most devastating has been the incorporation of the judiciary into the legislative branch.

This anomaly to our Constitution has regress our legislative system to arbitrary law where the legislative decides the penalties, fines and sentencing of law enforcement and the judiciary creates legislation by interpretation exposing the society to post ex facto law.

Laws made by expanded interpretation take a legal act under current law and redefine it to make the precedent of that law preceding the decision; to now be illegal or unconstitutional. A defendant that was law compliant before the decision is now guilty of crime or liability after the decision = this is Post ex facto law!

This challenge alone destructs the very justification to the merger of the judiciary into the legislative. From the 478px-Woodrow_and_Edith_Wilson2progressive implications that this incorporation of the judiciary to the legislative is the creator of a new “living Constitution”, fail to recognize the monster they have created and through all of its destruction’s turn their eyes heavenly hoping someday the monster will become benevolent. Unfortunately anyone that should challenge the monster must be destroyed simply because it’s their baby!

The purpose of the monster is to undermine the constitutions checking mechanism. The checking mechanism has been argued by progressives (Woodrow Wilson) as being cumbersome because it hinders the introduction to factional fads

clueless progressive

clueless progressive

such as Prohibition and other legislation’s (Sixteenth Amendment) attempting to regulate human nature. The checking mechanisms constructed by the Constitution create a protective barrier that obstructs the intent of coop or malicious conspiracy to over throw, undermine or relinquish the sovereignty of people. In the Constitution methods are listed setting protocol of procedure and limitation of power that contain either faction or party from changing our system of government from one to another without the permission of people.

So remember when you are speaking to or with a progressive; you are engaging in conversation with a victim of inverted bag syndrome. – A disease of the mind caused by over education; they are people of great ideals without solution with good hearts floating through their daily lives without a clue. Some will call it bliss – others? A damn shame!

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