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The recent tax increases and 40% floor tax against Vape shops approved by the state of Pennsylvania is nothing less than a state endorsed attack on small businesses. It summarizes that in the November presidential race the general public has only two choices – big government or big corporation. The struggle of sole proprietorship continues as the introduction of a pretentious mode of free trade eliminates all domestic opportunity to create jobs and new business.

State representatives are dyslexic robin hoods stealing from the poor to give to the rich. The indifference of corporate government dedicates every effort to encourage job creation at corporate level because corporations collect larger sums of sales and income tax for government operation.

The failing attempts of reviving the economy of Pennsylvania through this backasswards twisted assumption are confounded by the misconception that corporations are the foundation of our economy – they are not!

This perception among our legislators is the equivalent to attempting to construct a house from the roof down. The foundation of our economy is the consumer and the sole proprietorship is the essence of that consumer base, but retail corporate greed to corner every market has determined that small business is the enemy.

A reflection of recent modern economics demonstrates that the remedy to every recession or depression since 1894 has been resolved with application of two simple principals – reduce taxes and deregulation of small business – it has worked 100% of the time and will work again!

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