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The answer to taxes



….is to create revenue without great expenditure. Sole proprietorship is creating a job. It is the concept of an individual using their talent or trade to earn a living that is the foundation of free enterprise. Many sole proprietorships are nothing more than a good paying job doing something you like best. Government is the guardian of sole proprietorship – at least it use to be.

Government should be investing in community businesses in ways that do not require applying for grants. First the community leadership should gather to contemplate how to finance sole proprietors to occupy the vacant properties. My suggestion is to allow each of the vacant shops to open to vendors and sell craft and antiques on the weekends for a rent fee paid by the vendors to the landlord or management company of that location for use.

If it works then the spaces can be rented out to interested individuals who agree to manage and operate these shops.

The key is in drawing  crowds big enough to start a consistent flowing consumer base in search of unique merchandise and services.

The intent is to raise the tax base by increasing the number of participating sources rather than increasing the tax against the dwindling existing businesses. To create more sole proprietorships to occupy the square, the less the tax burden on is everyone.




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