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Ridding ourselves of an Out Dated Tax System update vol 1.2

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It is time to rid ourselves of the progressive tax and develop a better method of raising revenue to pay for the operations of government and to provide a universal system of healthcare and retirement. A system that will end the institution of welfare and other government subsidies’ without victimizing the destitute or bankrupting industry while providing an incentive for economic growth.

The founders of our government used their knowledge of ancient social structures to create a system of legislation based upon the principal that the solutions to the problems of our society will always come from people, unfortunately since the end of the Civil War coinciding with a number of super legislation’s a barrier has been created between the State governments – who are the direct representatives of people – and the federal common union organization that had assumed itself to the authority of a national system of government that was never officially approved by the people.

507px-16th_Amendment_Pg1of1_ACThe failure of the progressive tax system occurs when the number of those who rely upon the programs and benefits increases as the sources of revenue to fund these programs decreases should the economy go into recession. This creates a deficit economy especially experienced in the past twenty years as discretionary funding has been replaced by mandated appropriations which include annual mandatory “cost of living” increase for projects and programs leaving very little flexibility to manage the federal budget during an economic crisis. The situation encourages the need to raise taxes, fines and fees or to establish new taxes to cover revenue shortages which then depletes expendable income of businesses and individuals causing further poverty and in result increasing the need for more government subsidy and so forth.

A source of raising tax revenue that I have researched comes from the use of residual incentive. This system of raising revenue for the operation of government already exist and requires only a modification in the structuring of the residual system to create a cash flow system which I explain in detail in my book; “The Handbook of Residual Finance”.

The figures necessary to calculate the rates that would be applicable to each of the industrial cycles are already posted on the IRS data bank, the United States Geological Survey, the United States Census Bureau, and the CIA data bank (unclassified of course) so the initial cost of research has already been funded and provided for.

The only formula that needs to be applied is the system that organizes the separation of industries and the units in measuring the national and natural resources that is based upon their use and consumption – and all this information I have already compiled with the key being the means to derive the rate to be charged equally among the four identified cycles of industry and commerce so that no one industry is victimized and the rate is realistically applied according to use and consumption so a business pays only for what they use in the course of extraction, processing, manufacture, assembly, wholesale, distribution, retail and reclamation. The system I have designed creates revenue, eliminates income tax, and provides funding to public and private schools, health care, and retirement.

Nothing new is created. Every system and process already exists and is in operation. For this reason the exchange from one system to another can be gradual beginning with Social security, unemployment and welfare. The system I have developed will cut the over head of government by 53% and will effectively lower the cost in providing these services by the elimination of the middleman and the bureaucracy of government independent agency.


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