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The concept of the United States Constitution495px-Constitution_of_the_United_States,_page_1 is in the creation of a mechanism that allows change without revolution. It creates a stable process of making the law that can be adjusted by variable processes listed in the first five articles without the need to eradicate the government structure entirely.

Without the structure of the checking mechanism that limits the ability of government authority from changing the system of government without direct approval of people. It become inevitable that subversive and radical factions within society will invent ways to manipulate the legislative to gain power for this purpose.

The checks and balances is the most essential part of the Constitution and relies upon the judgment of the Supreme Court to be enforced to the letter of the law. Marbury_v_Madison_John_Marshall_by_Swatjester_cropWhen the court voids or ignores this limitation and separation of powers then the Constitution fails to protect the liberties of people and is miss-appropriated instead to protect the government from people.

The ideal of radical change and continuous revolution introduced by Marxism is manifested anarchy controlled by government propagandist. Anarchy is the method of diversion that is used to 548px-Karl_Marxdistract the attention away from the real plan and this country has allowed itself to become victim to the ideal of revolution without end – the flaw in this idealism is that once the current radials gain their goal, they then become the establishment and must then be over thrown.

The founders of this country were revolutionary – rebels with a cause to create a stable system of government that was best for the greatest majority. In the immediate years after the end of the war, the leaders of this country began to engage in actions against rebellion and sought to retain certain factional societies that maintained to install their own system of government to replace the government just formed under the new federal constitution.

Enemies of the United States Government choose to imply this as hypocrisy of the founders, but under the law of Constitution (Article VI) every official elected or appointed to office is under the obligation of oath to protect the law Barack_Obama_addresses_joint_session_of_Congress_2009-02-24that had established this system of government on behave of the states; with the state legislatures and officials protecting the state governments created on behave of people; for the intended purpose of protecting people from radical and subversive groups that have the intent of usurping the government and sovereignty of people of their right of self rule.

The checking mechanism is a set of protections that are written into the Constitution that set limits on the authorities of government as a fail-safe to protect the people in the event factions manage their way to power.

As long as these checking mechanisms remain intact the people of this country are protected from the misuse or inappropriate interpretation of Law. One of these checking fail safes is Article 1 Section I that requires all laws to be made by Congress. Unfortunately the open ended structure of the Fourteenth Amendment has allowed the Congress to expand jurisdictions of the other branches without listing the new powers in written text. 484px-John_Marshall_by_Henry_Inman,_1832This is an extension of power that voids the checks and balances that require ALL LAWS granting new authorities to be listed.

The requirement of Law to be in written text is another checking mechanism intended to keep any branch of government, or administration to have the ability to change or abolish the system of government without the permission of the sovereign power – people. 

The ability of government discretion is limited even without the written text because other fail-safe checks and balances such as the prevention of  ex post facto Law; which is simply the prevention to an ability of the court to change the meaning of a law after a case is argued – making the law is not the jurisdiction of the court (Article III). All decisions that re-define the law that cause a business or person that by previous judgment is within the law – to now be in violation of the law – are ex post facto.

800px-Sons_of_Liberty_Broadside,_1765Another checking mechanism is the ability of the public to redress grievances. Should a session of Congress or appointment of the court fall into collusion with a corrupt administration the society maintains the authority to challenge these assumed authorities with documents that prove the interpretations that grant these miss-assumed powers are wrong – unfortunately, once the government takes an assumed authority and uses that authority to manufacture Laws that protect the government from people the government has then been changed. This cannot be done without a referendum of people and before the states can vote to change the system of government – there must be a course of public debate for one year – another of many checking mechanisms.

This system of social nationalism being imposed against America will only deteriorate into deeper separations and racism throughout the entire society and will eventually break down the unity of the United States.

It is clear that the first agenda of establishing a new world order is first to destroy the very culture that has accomplished the very utopian ideal the communist claim732px-Unemployed_men_queued_outside_a_depression_soup_kitchen_opened_in_Chicago_by_Al_Capone,_02-1931_-_NARA_-_541927 to seek bringing a very challenging question to those who claim to be social and politically progressive; What are you thinking?

For the past 147 years plus, public record can contribute every cultural conflict in this country, directly to a progressive legislation manufactured by one of several unauthorized methods created by the miss-interpretations of the Fourteenth Amendment. 

The purpose of undermining the checking mechanisms of the original Constitution introduced first by the Radical Republican Party during Reconstruction is to 478px-Woodrow_and_Edith_Wilson2change the system of government and install the aristocratic society it failed to accomplish at the end of the Revolutionary War.

This was accomplished when the Federal Government expanded its authority over the states and placed the House of Representatives in position to make all laws in any case without representation by the states.

The Fourteenth Amendment corrupted the separation of powers created by the official authorities listed to the common union trade organization under Article 1 Section 8 and the exclusive authorities reserved to the states under the Bill of Rights of the United States. This breached another checking mechanism that has gradually allowed the Supreme Court to encroached upon civil and religious liberties.

800px-SCOTUSbuilding_1st_Street_SEThe Supreme Court defense of its breaching of separation of church and state with intellectual claims that claim that the Fourteenth Amendment has incorporated religion and personal liberties into its jurisdiction – unofficially changing the Common Union Trade Organization into a National Government authority without the required referendum by people.

Progressives are not the benevolent saints they claim to be. In the Communist Manifesto- a public relations media that Karl Marx was hired to write proscribes the practical assault on establish government to the use of democratic processes  for the purpose of destruction of all established government systems varying from their own.

This means that the support of groups to gain more rights for factions –worker 19170704_Riot_on_Nevsky_prosp_Petrogradunions, women’s rights, civil rights, retirement etc. serve only in the promotion of government control over people by first instigating the problem and then by forcing through legislation a cure to resolve the problem by placing it under government regulation.

When a legislative process allows the law to be changed by methods other than the established system stated by actual text in Article V, then the system demises into a haphazard lump of meaningless crap that means anything or everything depending on which faction holds the power of Congress or Executive.

Judgments of the law are not interpretations of the law itself, but are the interpretations of the civil or commercial act that initiates the controversy. If the JBingham-JHolt-HBurnettpublic disagrees with a law then any citizen has the right to compose and present a potential law to a representative – this is another checking mechanism.

Understanding that the original Constitution did not create a system of national government, but merely an organization of common union for commerce and defense; it is then easier to conceive where the Fourteenth Amendment went wrong.

One of two truths comes from researching the debates for the amendment and the process in which it became ratified is substantiated by the actions of government over the past 147 plus years.

John_Marshall_Harlan_1Truth one is; that the Fourteenth Amendment was not intended to change our federalism to nationalism because a referendum was not offered to people OR truth two; the Fourteenth Amendment is unconstitutional and the federal government is operating beyond the law.

In either situation it is people that come into control by the states authority to call convention to bridge the breach by strengthening the checking mechanism of the original document by adding what is the missing text that undermines the sovereign rights of people.

This missing ingredient necessary in the maintaining of our free society is a system that limits the authority of the federal branch from exceeding the separation of jurisdiction created by the Bill of Rights of the United States.

This system is to establish a national process of referendum; that upon a percentage of states who feel a national legislation requires the direct approval of the people can require the legislation to be placed on public ballot for a direct vote gathered through a state by state referendum process to approve or disapprove.

9781257373260_p0_v1_s260x420 establishing federal referendumThis will eliminate the strong arm of the national legislation to force upon the states unwise and frivolous taxes and mandates. Referendum is part of every state legislature. The reason this process was omitted by the Federal Constitution is because the Federal Government was never expected to become a national system; since it has become a national governing system the Constitution must then be adjusted to constrain the unlimited powers achieved by the open ended structure of the Fourteenth and Sixteenth Amendments.

Progressives come in many forms to include Republicans as well as Democrats. They serve a common agenda that government – whether under social nationalism or commercial-nationalism should be the deciding factor in who gets and who don’t.

Industries want to keep their profit and socialist programs want to spread it proportionately; unfortunately nether can achieve their goal without oppressive legislation that protects the government and industry from people. Remember that it was the Radical Republican Party that began the progressive movement – progressive is simply defined to mean “to be in favor of nationalized corporate government!”

Revolution without end is not utopian, it isn’t even idealistic. It is in fact fatalistic and since self preservation is the nature of all living things any system of government that contradicts the preservation or extension of life is a contradiction to God – even by metaphysical standards.

So it is conclusive that the progressive movement is in contradiction to its own public agenda and all of the subtitles claimed by progressives are facade especially anyone who claims to be humanitarian. Most progressives that claim this usually can’t stand either the human race or society – most are anarchist and want to burn and destroy.

In the United States we have succeeded in establishing a culture of multicultural society. We have achieved benevolence in society by tolerance and education about our neighbor’s culture. We endure the difference of religious belief because our Constitution protects the right to preference of worship.

We are the most productive society in the entire world because we implore free enterprise and the right to choose who we are and how we earn a living. We choose our life style and our success is determined by our own ability and ambitions without government control or regulation.

We have let these perpetual revolutionaries defile our Constitution, our religions, and civil liberties long enough and are witnessing the morphing of two anti-people agenda’s called; Social-Capitalism, another great European idea for global re-colonization.






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