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Part Two “Redirection of Authority”

Part Two
“Redirection of Authority”

The introduction of Social Capitalism in America began in the 1990’s under the Clinton administration – Bill being a capitalist and Hillary being goose stepping Marxist – was accomplished by proclamation that instated the World Trade Organization (formerly the Uruguay Round) and the North American Free trade Agreement (NAFTA) to be superior to the authority of the Congress of the United States.

The expanded use of executive proclamation to negotiate and establish foreign treaty began its course to navigate a nationalized economy in America to compensate the introduction of international law (first time since 1775). At that time the Reformed Party counter movement had formed under the Ross Perot that resisted the intention of handing foreign groups and alliances the ability to negotiate international treaty called “Best Price” without the approval of the United States Congress.
The power granted to the World Trade Organization was the ability to decide international trade policy granting the organization (WTO) the decision making power to decide – which nations will grow, how national resources will be distributed, and how trade will be enforced; with the decision of when to make war and with whom being extracted from government, and redirected to a trade organization.
Our Constitution establishes jurisdiction of limited authorities and until the Civil War Reconstruction Acts the federal government – formerly the common union trade organization of the United States – was unable to intervene in state affairs because its jurisdictional limitations were confined to interstate commerce and international policy. This changed with the incorporation of the Fourteenth Amendment into the Constitution. (Incorporation meaning the amendment was not officially ratified)
The Fourteenth Amendment relinquished the limited form of government maintained by the original document and began to incorporate the jurisdiction of the Bill of Rights of the United States into the federal jurisdiction by first expanding the jurisdiction of the federal court over the state giving the first of many shameful policy with the decision in Plessey v Ferguson that established national segregation.
The Supreme Court soon became the catalyst to install a system of national commercialism to replace our free enterprise economy. Industrialist now had the full advantage of manipulating the national economy using the national treasury and natural resources to expand across the continent.

From this point on commercialist gained power over the direction of international treaty and in the 1890’s merged to take over the control of the Presidency by 1896.
The Fourteenth Amendment already gave commercialist the power over government and between 1866 and 1913; as the House of Representatives held control over the American government having the control over treasury money and the ability to appoint state Senators that wrote the legislation’s.

The lame attempt to correct this blunder was the Seventeenth Amendment which added a new range of issues one of which allowing the indoctrinating policies of social communism into our legislative process.
The two adversary systems of National Commercialism and Social Nationalism used the courts to establish a new system of government avoiding the use of established protocols set by Article V of the Constitution, but progressively innovating legislation by judicial interpretation (not to be confused with the modality of Judicial review established by Supreme Court Justice John Marshall in 1804).
Article I states that all laws must be made by Congress was replaced by legislation by public opinion – which is a form of pure democracy that was used during the historic period of city states such as in ancient Greece. It was determined by the constructors of our government that a system of pure democracy would eventually demise to a system of mob rule (Special interest lobbyist groups). That a system of pure democracy would fall to the pressure of fad and by its own instability would fail to factional device being controlled by political party agenda.
The system of pure democracy is the policy of progressives that feel the need to change forms of government quickly and to find any means to avoid, undermine or just ignore the checking mechanism to get frivolous and dysfunctional laws passed. Its most effective means is by violence and public disobedience. Its secondary means is by public opinion through media and its fail-safe device of re-interpretation by the judiciary. The newest device of progressive legislation is by abuse of executive proclamation to by-pass Congress and independent agency policy that is being used to circumvent civil liberties such as due process and the creation of devices to raise revenue that is nothing less than indentured servitude.
Nationalism whether commercial or social requires the government to operate as a corporation. The corporation then establishes bureaucracy to protect itself by placing itself beyond the law with the justification “for the common good” policy. This is an assumption of unlimited authority that gives the government and its agencies the ability to go beyond the limits of Constitution. It must then assume the ability to create an economy which has never been the jurisdiction of the American government. In our system the government is the regulator and industry creates the economy.
The interaction of the two nationalized systems create the premise of wealth but as past experience and recorded economic history show that unless there is a consumer base the interaction of government providing the natural resources and the manufacture of industry create overstock and as in 1929 will fail into depression.
The key to the American system has always been the Free Enterprise economy – the ability of the individual to create their own source of income is the establishing of the strongest consumer base in the world and corporate government is a contradiction to this. The institution of nationalistic economy must destroy the private sector capacity of self-sustaining as private enterprise is determined by corporate government as being competition.
Over the last 25 years corporations, in league with social capitalist, have invoked laws that are contrary to the Free Enterprise economy. The over regulation of small enterprise has snuffed out the desire and ability of individuals to create an income during a national economic crisis. This policy of over regulation is caused by the assumption that small enterprise siphons away corporate profits. So corporations during the 1990’s by violating anti-trust laws with the endorsement of social capitalist in government destroyed the small business community with one stop shopping superstores for the prospective mother load of sales tax revenue these superstores would generate.
On another level, Social Capitalist have sold out our free enterprise economy to a Free Trade economy on the speculation that the government of the United States can support its operations using the world wide consumer prospect referred to as globalization. In essence the American Federal Government has chosen to subordinate the United States Governments to international law establishing a global economy under a federal social commercialism for the better good of people.
Instead the debauchery caused by this submission has allowed American international corporations to sell out to foreign powers causing the American domestic economy to fail into depression. American’s have lost the edge on self sustaining society with our growing dependence of foreign import.

Domestically we have become overwhelmingly depend on government grants to support educational institutions, health care has become another tax to raise revenue, and our federal and state governments have handed control of our natural resources to the control of foreign trade organizations such as the WTO, G-20, G-8, NAFTA and Free Trade Acts; and lets not forget the foreign international laws established by the European Union under the guidance of the United Nations World Bank. This is all caused by the incentive to establish a nationalized economy over Free Enterprise.

The redirection of authorities by expanded modes that have eliminated the constitutions checks and balance systems have immersed the proper society of law abiding citizens to unlawful anarchy delivered by misinformation and malformed principals of politically correct bureaucracy.

These policies challenged the very fabric of right to worship, freedom of speech and right to own private property. The anomaly of nationalized economy cannot prevail without the conclusive end of the United States Constitution.

Under nationalized economy there cannot be private ownership of land or business. To run our government as a corporation requires the government to act as a business entity. In order for corporate government to succeed; corporate government must understand all the needs and operations of every facility of the business across the country; but we are not a business and the requirements being applied by the corporate government need to inquiry into the deepest parts of our personal lives to curtail overhead expenses creating the premise for preventative legislation’s to regulate human nature.
During the last century the national government has made advancements into the accumulation of personal information. Bureaucracy of independent agency has enlarged the accrual of scope under the constituted requirement of census and since the incorporation of social nationalism (The New Deal) since the 1930’s the census has been used for other purposes other than its original intent to record population for the purpose of electorate calculations in the determination of representatives. In the 1930’s as the Federal Government expanded into state regulation of industry, the census began to culminate information it was not required before and then in the 1960’s a social nature began with the collection of information about personalized data measuring poverty.
For the Federal Government of the United States to perform its assumed duty to run and operate as a corporate entity the government departments and all independent agencies under the President must have knowledge of every facet of society. This means the tracking of all pertinent information from what food we eat, to our sleeping habits.
As corporate government escalates and the cost of providing comforts and conveniences along with necessity to the people goes beyond the ability of government to compensate; it then becomes the natural instinct of corporate to reduce the cost of government operation – not by reduction of government but by the elimination of demand on government facility. This begins with the denial of benefit and the establishing of privileges granted by government. It is a loophole concept that prevents an individual from due process because the reinterpretation of rights to privilege gives the government, its departments and all agencies, the ability to reduce its cost through a process of denial while maintaining an enlarged payroll.
Such acts of corporate government began in the 1970’s with the re-categorizing of Unemployment Benefits to Unemployment Insurance. It was the same with Social Security retirement benefits being re-categorized to Social Security Insurance. It is the same deal with the current health care act…The loophole being asserted by government agency is; just because an individual pays the premium or tax; does not guarantee provision of the service. This is the system being formulated by nationalism in America with a system tuned to a method of over taxing in coordination with a system of re-appropriation of wealth through grants.
Corporate government must learn all there is to know about the business they run. Every business owner understands this. In order to make your business successful the owner must know all the intricate operations of his business from taxes, insurances, and other overhead to insure a profit – but again – we are not a business! So when the corporate government finds it needs to cut cost in over head it begins to legislate to curb the usage of benefits and the fabrication of new policy that protects the government from over compensating is not made or approved by Congress but is instead improvised by common policy statute that eliminate free will in the name of preventative measure. The need to control cost of operations under a nationalized economy provided by government requires the full control over human nature – don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t drive fast, don’t eat certain foods, don’t have sex, and control over population growth through eugenics.
The contradiction to government established economy is that while government continues to grow new government jobs, it is depleting the very tax base it depends on to pay for these Non-profit jobs. To utilize the preventative constraints to keep cost down, corporate government must regulate industries it sees as detriment to health and safety. This is about every industry known. So with one hand it attempt to build industry while with the other it contradicts industrial growth with over regulatory indoctrinations. This intrusion does not stop with industry operations – It follows the employee into their homes with arbitrary regulation demanding personal behavior modifications at the risk of being fired for non-compliance.
The expansion of corporate government must face the challenge; that once it creates a department to resolve a public issue – whether social or commercial – the agencies must then either dissolve or evolve into other areas. This is the dangerous indicator of dysfunctional bureaucracy and fall upon the legislatures to hold at bay. Unfortunately to challenge the bureaucracy of government is a career ending decision and this fear is often the reason officials vote in favor of the expansion of agency and the increase of labor cost to run government.

There need to be a cap placed on how much a government employee can earn – uh oh! Here comes the union!


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