No Affiliation Alliance

Part Three “Infra Structure deficit”

Part Three
“Infra Structure deficit”

         The most powerful country in the world is the country with the greatest economy. The beginnings of this country were founded on agriculture and exporting of natural resources. The foundation of reason for separation from England was influenced by a controversy in the transportation of these raw material and produce out of the country. Until the arrival of the Royal Governors after 1763 American merchant shipping sailed freely limited only by the ships ability to cross the Atlantic…most trade went a course through the West Indies and is why South Carolina – the closest port – was then the richest colony in America.

         It was the abuse of the Royal Governors (the equivalent of modern independent agency) to make laws to impede the American merchants from exporting cargo from America to England that encouraged the cry for separation. This was because the Royal Governor was also an independent agent receiving a percentage of all export to England aboard His Majesties Ships. The interest of England in the American colonies came after the failure of the East India Trade Company in 1763 caused by a lethal pandemic that killed one third of India’s population; England’s main source of labor and material.

         When this corporation failed it destroyed the English economy and it was the beginning to an end for the monarchy. Scandal within the corporation by the Royal governors that were skimming profits and cooking the books to hide their thievery was placed in jeopardy of being caught in their scam. To keep from being hung for embezzlement from the crown the members of the East India Trade Company made a plan. The plan was to buy seats on Parliament and eventually infiltrate and take over the institution and by 1770 these unsavory characters having successfully by unscrupulous means taken control of the Parliament sought to replace the lost revenue they skimmed from the East India Trade Company treasury by seizing the rich natural resources of the North American continent.

         200 years later, American natural resources are again in the cross hairs of Europe and the Free Trade Act has opened the Pandora’s Box of exploitation with government independent agency replacing the royal governors instituting harsh obstructions with the intent to impede the ability of domestic industries from capable competition with foreign adversary. Independent agency have become the path of destruction to the American economy using statute of law to impose international standards to the favor of foreign international trade organizations – European Union, G 20, G -8, WTO.

         The sad truth is, it’s neither the European nor Chinese that is as much our enemy, as are the owners of American international corporations engaging in the selling out of America under the guise of Free Trade. A sadder truth is; these American business men do their evil openly while our representatives grin and spin on their thumbs allowing it to happen. What are even more frustrating are American consumers that support Free Trade because they have been duped into supporting a globalized economy.

         Transportation being the largest industry in the world has affect on everything. Those that control the energy source of transportation control the cost of everything remotely connected to transportation. For this reason government must regulate the cost of all energy resources to prevent any one business to become a dominant force in the extraction and processing of fuel energy.

         This was the American government’s failure in allowing the World Trade Organization to have the ability to negotiate fuel contracts that allowed China to buy up all oil reserves without congressional approval. The placing of the control over fuel prices in the hands of a single entity – the World Trade Organization – has reassigned the authority of the United States Congress to a private organization. At the same time the independent agency – the Environmental protection Agency – is increasing regulation constraints against domestic industries adding the burden to American companies being pillaged and raped by both agenda’s.

         The emergence of social nationalism with commercial nationalism under the Clinton administration established a system of social – capitalism; a variation of Marxism differing only that under Marxism, the ideal of government sustainment was based upon the destruction of establish government, religion and individualism. The marriage of these two opposing ideals melded the unilateral policies of the Republican and Democrat national parties to establish a nationalized economy for America. To do this the two national parties needed to take control over the election process to insure that only officials sharing the agenda of Free Trade and nationalized economy would be elected.

         The infiltration processes used by national party are nothing new. The acts of eliminating the competition have been the Achilles heel to free elections since the beginning and in each case an act of Congress has been made to eliminate these discrimination’s. The worry is that Congress has demised to a dysfunctional bureaucracy and the motivations of any bureaucrat are to protect their career and pension. To challenge the national party’s intellectual discrimination of members of their own party would place in jeopardy the crony system that elected them to office.

         The election laws of 1964 rendered intellectual discrimination unlawful and this existing law should prevent the national parties from preventing party members from voting in the primary election. Party members both democrat and republican have the option to register a vote of “no confidence” against their national party representation when the national party agenda does not support the interest of the member.

         The registration as No-Affiliation does not mean the voter disowns the Democrat or a Republican Party, but objects to the “national party” in its domestic or foreign policy. No-Affiliation is allowed to vote during the primaries of 6 states and during special elections that have constitutional issues listed on the ballot; can vote in every state. No Affiliation is recognized by the Board of Elections as being part of the two national parties – we are not independent voters!

         To be excluded from the selection of party candidates in the primary abridges the rights of voters to participate in the fundamental process of free elections and jeopardizes the ideal of republicanism; the ideal of government run by the people. The national political groups use this tactic to segregate voters by using the intellectual preference of neutrality (freedom of speech) to eliminate No-Affiliation voters from the primary voting process.

         Bipartisanship means to a voter of No-Affiliation that legislation’s will be ratified or rejected by merit and not political agenda of national party. No affiliation voters want a government that is fair and the current national parties do not represent the majority nor do they represent domestic issues. The registration of neutrality is the only means of Democrat and Republican voters to indicate their displeasure with party national agenda – it is an intellectual opinion and not a withdrawal from the party and the Board of Elections should intervene.

         It is not required to establish a third party to insure fair representation. The third party institution is played to divide the vote to get a person elected to office that should never have been. There are more No-Affiliation voters in this country (620,000 just in the state of Pennsylvania) than all the third party independents combined together. That means we have an influence in the selection of candidates in the primary – which is the main cause to deny No-Affiliation voters their constituted right to participate.

         The deception is that the party makes the rule to vote in the primary election. – But we are part of those parties! They cannot use an intellectual discrimination to deny a registered voter of their party the ability to vote when the election board, state and federal governments recognize; No-Affiliation voters to be members of both the democrat and republican parties. Then there should be an option for No-Affiliation to add either democrat or republican to the registration and have the status to vote in the primary.

         To reset the experiment back before the contamination there must first be the return of true free elections in America. The ability to select representatives by merit rather than by party endorsement is the key to that restitution. Bipartisan representation is a benefit to all people and industry.

         There needs to be a means for the people to bring about the enforcement of constructional mechanisms by a process of referendum at state level. The Federal Government should not be able to alleviate the people of due process nor should the Federal Government be able to change the government form by statute through independent agency or re-interpretation by the judiciary.

         The change from Free Enterprise economy to a nationalized economy requires the complete dismantlement of the Constitution. No part of the Federal Government has such authority to change the original intent of the Constitution without first notifying the states of this intent. The structural organizations of such a new system would then be required to be subject to public debate over duration of time through an official media. It must then be balloted for referendum and subject to the approval of the people by popular vote. These are the modes of protocol established during the federal conventions and are still in effect.

         Free Trade has caused an infrastructure deficit because it was not as much a trade treaty as it was a tax exemption and means for American corporations to avoid government over regulation. Article 1 Section 8 requires that all operations of ports, import agencies and personnel be supported by the tax revenue collected by impost, tariff and duty fees. If this is mandated by Constitution, then how is a treaty agreement able to eliminate this method of finance responsibility? For Free Trade to be lawful Article I must be amended and properly ratified by convention and approved by referendum by people – It has not. Then by which authority does a President assume the power to undermine a constitutional constraint to make a treaty of commerce that eliminates this constructional mandate?

         The Constitution sets limits of powers on each branch and every department; and since the end of the Civil War the Congress, President and Supreme Court have developed devices that contradict the constituted safe guards. Free Trade is a tax break for the rich far greater than the original tax exempt created by the Charitable Organization loophole (1913). The government is clearly operating beyond the law and is getting away with its illegal acts because Congress has the ability to limit the types of cases and jurisdictions courts can judge. This in itself is abridging the 4th Amendment right of due process and reducing the right of due process to another privilege granted by government – amplifying the distortion of civil liberty that; though we are American citizens; we are not guaranteed the right to redress or file grievance against any act of government; by act of Congress through the abuse of constituted power in regulating the specific types of cases to be judged in court.

         The reduction of civil liberties is required by the incorporation of American government. The Federal Government is attempting to rid the states of jurisdictional boundary. By doing so would centralize the law making process so that even misdemeanor violations would fall under federal jurisdiction. The elimination of states will reduce us to regional territories and state constitutions will loose all of its authority. The entity of state citizenship will be invalidated and this is already happening. In 1995 a data bank was established by the Federal Highway Administration. The original intent of this organization was to gather information on accidents happening on federal and state highways; to establish new safety standards for vehicle manufacture and highway construction.

         The modern purpose had been altered – not by congressional legislation – but by statutes of law developed by the NFHA that enlarged itself under the disguise of highway safety. It has found a means to undermine the citizens’ protection of found in state jurisdiction by a device of grant bribery. The state is offered a grant to participate in the program of exchanging information concerning traffic information. The federal agency requires any state department of transportation to not renew the drivers license of individuals that name appears in the federal data bank. The states claim they are not enforcing a law but are invoking the authority of government to simply not renew a individuals drivers license; because a drivers license is a privilege granted by government.

         This system of constructional loophole is a means to invalidate an individual’s citizenship by denying an individual the right to due process in the state they are citizen. Any act of government or government independent agency is challengeable in a court of law but the courts refuse to hear the case…part of the loophole construction created by statute undermining Constitution!

         Such laws contradict the supreme law of the land and the only means to challenge these laws is through congressional representation. The response is that an individual is attempting to escape the law and representatives will not take the correct approach to challenge the constitutional obstructions created by these statutes. So it’s alright for representatives and judges that all take the oath to protect the Constitution to ignore the law when it serves the purpose of the state to raise revenue. In my opinion that is a far greater crime than any misdemeanor traffic violation and this is the perception that is lost by incorporation of government. The compassion and sensitivity that causes a usually law abiding citizen a criminal existing beyond the law.

         In a corporate government system the government accepts no responsibility for its actions. The courts are rigged to rubber stamp judgments because the legislatures set the fines and penalties. And the courts and independent agencies make up the law as they go; this is not the system established by the Constitution. Benjamin Franklin stated; It is better to let a hundred guilty men free than to incarcerate one innocent. Somehow that American compassion was twisted by nationalist that have turned our police and courts into devices to raise revenue for the operation of their agency effectively delivering American’s to endure the feudal system that failed in Europe several hundred years ago. The United States under progressive advancement have regressed into corporate monarchy.

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