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Part One “Return of the Feudal System”

Part One
“Return of the Feudal System”

New beginnings always come from great tragedy; tragedy being the conductive of change and change being the incentive of new things and the new ideals that reveal the souls of men; but where does the purity of motive fall to the dissolution of perception? Should the ideal be abandoned if is the ideal becomes contaminated by scheme and scam of corruption? When the ideal is stolen by malicious men and the goodness lost to darkness and the truth become a lie. The question that lingers is it too late to return to the ideal? Scientifically? It is possible to return the experiment back to when the experiment became contaminated without destroying the original ingredient but first the original experiment must be defined.

In America the new beginning was the revolution, but before the revolution there was a beginning that had an effect to cause the revolution. History taught us that unfair taxes was the course to new beginnings, but the lead in to that course began prior with an organization called; the East India Trade Company and the introduction of commercial monarchy.
Commercial nationalism was the first step of the east India trade Company that began long before the trend of commercialism to replace the monarchy of King, and emperor with industrial corporate government. The contradiction to this new ideal was republicanism that expressed its desire for a government placed in the hands of common people. It is the convergence of these two great ideals that formed the organization of Common Union of the United States of America.
This commercial trade organization referred to as the Federal Government was listed the jurisdiction of international trade and interstate commerce under agreement of Constitution – which is the defining principal of a republic. The counter organization of a federalist republic is a nationalized government; both are democracies with the variance between the two being; a republic under federal contract names the people as sovereign under a government of limited authority and the social nationalist democracy maintains a system of government for the people under an unlimited authority for the common good.
Both are forms of government for the benefit of people with the variation between the two being a free enterprise economy verses a national economy.

Under free enterprise the entity of privately owned property grants to the inhabitants a destiny to prevail limited only by education, talent, desire, opportunity and ambition. Where under a national economy the entity of private property is replaced by government ownership and the success of business is limited by law.
Even though under the rules of American corporation, a version of national government; the concept of an American corporation and a foreign corporation is that an American corporation is privately owned where a national corporation of foreign origin is owned by the country government.
For this reason the safe guard was instituted in our Constitution that prevented states from making treaty with foreign nations – foreign international corporation!

This required separation of jurisdiction left the negotiation with foreign enterprise to the authority of the President as executive of the common union trade organization of the United States, subject to the approval of the United States Congress. This checking mechanism was established to protect domestic industries from foreign influence.

In 1993 this separation preventing states from making treaty with foreign nations was eliminated by the creation of the World Trade Organization and the establishment of Free Trade. Free trade was a tax exemption that allowed American international corporations to negotiate contracts of commerce directly with foreign governments.

These international corporations are incorporated under state and federal laws and are officially in partnership with state governments and therefore the private owners negotiating foreign contracts are in effect negotiating foreign commercial treaty – in direct violation of Article I of the United States Constitution.
The elimination of impost, tariff and export fees is the cause of a 16 trillion dollar infer-structure deficit and is too a direct violation of Article I section 8 of the United States Constitution that mandate the operations of ports and import officers be paid for by impost, tariff and export fees. This infrastructure deficit has caused many states to adopt a nationalized economy based upon creating new taxes to replace the lost tax revenue caused by Free Trade.

Some of these taxes such as the Chesapeake Restoration Fund are actually duty fees being charged by – in this case – by the State of Maryland against the State of Pennsylvania using the Environmental Protection Agency as their agentanother violation of the Constitution of the United States.
The enforcement of the Constitution would place any official that argues the continued support of Free Trade in jeopardy of being charged with treason since the maintaining of the Free Trade Act is in contradiction to the very principal foundation of the Constitution which all members of Congress and the President accepted as oath.

The state officials that support Free Trade are also in collusion to over throw the sovereign people of the United States and of their states.

To create jobs in America we simply need to enforce the Constitution and attempts by grassroots groups has prompted the official government to declare them hostile and suspect terrorist.
In essence, because of Free Trade the United States have not progressed but instead regressed two hundred years with again; our natural and national resources being raped from the people by corporations in alliance with foreign national governments in treaty of commerce endorsed by our own federal government.
The re-institution of the royal governors independent agency – to make policy to subjugate the American Constitution of people with statutes that abridges the very liberties with unwritten law expanding the power of independent agencies to work beyond the law. This is a regression back to feudal law where the people are taxed into submission and then persecuted with penalties for not being able to pay the tax.
Laws are being introduced that the independent agencies are denying due process by claiming they are not enforcing a law but simply acting on the authority under “Privilege granted by government”. A policy is a statute and a statute is a law and any act of any department or agency of government is subject to redress and due process in a court of law.
The independent agencies have been able to escape the judgment of a court ruling because the states are in compact to collaborate in this process of harass to raise revenue to deny the ability of a citizen to challenge the act of agency. One such agency is the National Highway Administration in collaboration with state departments of transportation and the policy to denial of driver license renewal.
CDL and Chauffeur licenses are professional and semi profession classifications, but does the denial of renewal under these classifications actually prevent a person from driving their privately owned property to simply travel? The right to travel does not come from the issuance of a driving classification. The right to travel comes from an inalienable right to travel freely and is protected by the Constitution. The ability to use the privately owned property to earn money using public road is the “Privilege Granted by Government” – the right to travel comes from a higher authority and cannot be compromised by a statute policy of a government department or independent agency.
This is only one of many challenges that need to be addressed, but the departments are protected by bureaucrats in the state house that have turned our free enterprise economy toward nationalist economy because they have sold out to the concept of Free Trade.

Free Trade is a contradiction to Free Enterprise because Free Trade is dependent upon a nationalized economic factor where the government is the assumed creator of the economy.
Government under Free Enterprise is a regulator of industry and organizer of social order. For the federal or state governments to indulge in a nationalized economy government would need to be able to make a profit, but the Constitution prevents government to make a profit.

It was the intents of the Constitution to maintain separation between industry and government with the knowledge that; government having all the power and ability to make laws; that to allow government to compete directly with industry government would exercise their power to render the private sector incapacitated by simply creating obstructions, or laws to impede the production and operation of private enterprise.
The introduction of a nationalized economy in the United States contradicts the limited powers of government to make a profit. This reveals the scam being perpetrated by the federal and states to exploit the ability of making profit using a scheme equivalent to money laundering to escape the challenge of law by undermining the checks and balances constructed by the Constitution.
The government is creating profit by sale and trade of American national resources. The use of royalty received from these resources has always been used to pay for the functions of government. Since the 1990’s many of these royalties are being used to finance research and development for pharmaceutical and health technologies or for the extraction and processing of fossil fuels – much of this money being handed out as grants never to be recollected. This creates a deficit and the loss in tax revenue that is passed onto the tax payer.
The Non-profit appropriation is another source of depleting the profit made by over taxing the public. This money is redistributed wealth that comes with the encouragement by government to use frivolously through the grant process and the proof of this is in the recorded history of economics; that in each course of failed economy in the history of this country the first source of revenue that depletes is public grant money.

This currently is in reverse. There is more money for use in grant now than ever before to raise the question; why is there so much grant money available in a ten year depression? The answer is that the grant system is being used to launder illegal profits of government.
So there you have it; Free trade has endorsed American International Corporations to sell out the American people; the establishing of a nationalized economy is in contradiction to the free enterprise economy established by the Constitution; Independent agencies are the modern version of tax mongering warlords of feudal Europe: and the grant system is a money laundering scheme being employed to pillage and rape the American people of all expendable income by over taxation and redistribution of wealth.

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