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Why The United States should exit the UN


The Economic War against America

 In 1994 by act of Congress, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade was transformed into the World Trade Organization. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade was originally signed to law in 1947 during the Bretton Woods conference that established the United Nations. 576px-UN_Headquarters_2

 The trade agreements purpose (GATT) was to reduce tariffs and trade barriers and to eliminate preferences that were the foundation to the current trade preference known as; Best price. This brand of trade requires that if any country makes a negotiation to sell mineral rights to another; that same price is obtainable across the board to all members. GATT was the end result of the Bretton Woods conferences in an attempt to creating an International Trade Organization at the end of World War II.


IMF headquarters Washington D.C.

IMF headquarters Washington D.C.

Two other global organizations were also formed during the conference. The International Monetary Fund and The World Bank were organized by international financial groups with the primary intent of pooling money through international government and investment sources for the purpose of rebuilding cities and countries destroyed during World War II.

 With this mission of rebuilding the destruction being accomplished by 1965, the United Nations chose to reorganize these two financial institutions (The IMF and World Bank Groups) in 1966. That same yearGold_Bars Germany began dumping its currency in exchange for American Gold, which was the standard of rate for all world currency.

 The IMF that was the regulator of international currency exchange had the obligation to protect the United States from this unlawful act of dumping, but instead chose to do nothing. This was in retaliation to President Johnson’s decision to escalate American troops to Vietnam and the Three_soldierslack of response by the IMF, encouraged other countries to begin dumping their currency for American Gold.

 At this point the IMF and World Bank in being subordinate organizations under the control of the United Nations became in collusion with foreign nations to destroy the American economy. The United Nations poised as the intermediary of hostile actions between nations then became the willing participant in the support and forced upon the western nations a policy of De-colonization, and over the next ten years the United Nations, IMF and World Bank Groups entered into a program of destabilizing westernized governments with a program called Transmigration V.

 Transmigration V took the course of transplanting the populations of poor 640px-SETAF_HISTORY_0004undeveloped countries to occupy more industrial countries. It became the United Nations standard under this directive to place opposing cultures together – much like the clash of cultures we are experiencing in the United States with, the Latino and Muslims and then using this conflict to justify military occupation under the disguise of being “The Peace Keepers”.

 The power achieved by the organizations of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization is the ability to control the national resources of countries 640px-David_Cameron_and_Barack_Obama_at_the_G20_Summit_in_Toronto(Including the United States) and to redistribute the wealth of rich industrial countries to booster the economies of undeveloped countries that are under the divisive control of the World Bank and IMF.

 The method of measuring how much wealth is stolen from industrial nations is measured by the GDP, a system developed by the United Nations, IMF, World Bank Groups, The European Union, G-8, G-20 – all of which are subordinate commercial trade organizations of the United Nations. The system of rating currency value by American Gold standard was replaced 640px-UN_Members_Flags2in 1971 by the floating dollar currency established by the IMF in an attempt to create a singular global currency for Europe.

 It has become the goal of the United Nations to diminish America as a world leader and every effort the United Nations has made in recent years has been to subordinate the United States Constitution to international authority is evidence to this charge. By what logical presumption would we remain members in an organization of foreign powers that is intent on our destruction?


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