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“Globalized Economic Failure”

The World Trade Organization is made of 183 foreign nations and holds the same esteem as the former East India Trade Company that held the authority of the King to operate in his place. Where the World Trade Organization operates with an authority of private international commercialist with the ability to over ride, undermine or ignore any article of any constitution of any country – including the Constitution of the United States – if such an article; obstructs, impedes or hinders Free Trade. In result our Congress has been subordinated by the Democrat and Republican National parties that support only candidates in favor of Free Trade.
A new method of fiscal finance has replaced the American Free Enterprise system with a nationalized system introduced by Bill and Hillary Clinton after 1993 – It’s called Social Capitalism. This system places the benefit of government infrastructure above all domestic industrial interest that relies now on raising revenue for government operation with international sale and trade of American natural resources and excessive tax collections. This nationalized system places the American fate in the hands of bureaucracy and foreign corporate government. This contradicts the sovereignty of state and separation between the private sector that can legally make a profit and government agency restricted by law from making any profit.
The North American Free Trade Agreement was a tax umbrella that exchanged the capitol reserves of American international corporations; held in company fiscal reserves to pay for impost and duty fees required to perform international trade; to become immediate expendable capitol for investment. It was the largest tax shelter created to benefit the rich since the creation of “Charitable Organization” in 1913. The Free Trade initiative by eliminating tariffs created a stimulus that induced immediate capitol for investment and in its first stage this super excess in reserve cash was circulated in the American economy with positive effect; America experience a growth in wealth that raised the stock exchange above 10 thousand for the first time in history.
The immediate affects enjoyed by American industry turned American industry in favor of commercialized government where the very nature of global economics began to chip away at the authority and constraints of the American Constitution and the Free Enterprise system the Constitution creates. Nationalized economy is a contradiction to the foundation of the United States Constitution to own private property and perform business unobstructed by government. The history of our economic system is based upon the concept of free enterprise of sole proprietorship – the ability of the individual to create their own source of income. Nationalism is in opposition to both constituted institutions.
To reference the acts of government since 1993 with the constraints established by the Constitution will demonstrate the unconstitutional structure of imposing Free Trade concepts in America. To begin with; how NAFTA and World Trade Organization became law. Both treaty agreements were made by proclamation and to date have never been accepted by Congress. In both treaty agreements the United States Congress became subordinate to foreign law. The inclusion of Canadian and Mexican environmental laws in NAFTA became the first of many foreign laws imposed against American domestic industry and people since 1775. The granting to The World Trade Organization the ability to supersede constructional constraints of any Constitution regardless of country placed the security of world economics in jeopardy of having the nature of international trade to become the decision making factor in political and humanitarian policy. Both of these treaties are in violation of Article I Section I – All American laws must be made by Congress.
Since 1993 the restructuring of Federal and State law has diminished the liberties of people while increasing the authority of corporations. In reflection the parasite of corporate structure that gave the East India Trade Company the authority that ruined England’s economy; is the very nature of this proposed commercialized economy that subjects the world economy to failure. The parallels of allowing the economy of a strong nation to become dependent upon foreign supply and international trade is forewarning to America; that its destruction will come from within.
The system of Social Capitalism (also referred to as commercialism) is based upon confiscation of wealth, wage and income from the private sector by over taxing the public. This would naturally create a profit for government placing government in violation of Constitution that constrains government from making a profit. This constraint was created to protect domestic industry from the bureaucracy of government from coming into direct competition with the private sector. This necessary constraint against the government has been undermined by the manipulation of congressional appropriations that “spread the wealth” illegally by money laundering excessive taxes through appropriations of grants to independent agency; that are then re-appropriated by independent agency through grant funds to lesser government and non-profit organizations for further redistribution. The danger of this form of fiscal distribution is two fold; first it depletes expendable income from the consumer and shrinks the tax base. Second it encourages frivolous spending by bureaucracy that tends to view this money as FREE MONEY resulting in an 8 trillion dollar deficit.
The most destructive mechanism allowed by NAFTA is the ability of private American corporations to make contracts directly with foreign corporations. To understand the danger of this policy is to understand that foreign corporations are different than the American corporate structure. A foreign corporation is owned by the government. The nature of American corporation is a tax umbrella and personal liability protection. The nature of agents employed by private owners (board of directors) to negotiate contract with foreign corporation is the equivalent to making international treaty – an authority exclusive to the President of the United States and is in violation of Article 1 Section 10 of the Constitution.
The intent of constraining private industry from direct negotiations with foreign government is to protect the domestic interest from being undermined or compromised by decision based upon greed or extortion by threat that would cause an owner of a company to sell national secrets or lobby to create domestic laws; that would give more advantage to foreign nations at the expense of the American people. A secondary threat to national security is the influence these American international companies have over Congress; as it is the nature of politicians to go with the flow of the money. Up until 1993 American international corporations were required to use brokerage firms to perform international exchange of trade and commerce; this checking mechanism was eliminated by Free Trade.
While 1% of America earns great wealth the other 99% must bear the burden of an 8 trillion dollar deficit, higher taxes due to massive unemployment, loss of industry and a sense of hopelessness as our own politicians and international corporations hang the “SOLD OUT” sign on the White House door. It is apparent that the ideal of global free trade is not working as wars and civil unrest have the world in a death grip mostly due to the fact that the world’s greatest economy is built upon free enterprise – the only consumer based economy in the world – is being destroyed.
Corporate wit and arrogance has reconstructed the very scenario that brought about the crash of 1929 to where world war was the only remedy to end depression. So while progressively we exchange practical logic for whimsical ideals that ignore the lessons of economic history that; smaller independent economic structures (STATES) will out last national economic structures which for 3 millenniums has demonstrated; will doom the greatest societies to inevitable bankruptcy as the cost of government operation exceeds industries ability to finance.
One recorded statistical fact stands constant as each of the great societies failed – the people will continue as they will fall upon the one economic structure that is eternal – free enterprise – the ability to create your own source of income is the foundation of the American dream. The inherited natural right to self preservation that only the American Constitution sustains and protects cannot fail except by domination of corporate law and structure that determines sole proprietorship as the enemy. The indifference of corporate operation causes management to be unable to see the forest because of the trees – sole proprietors are corporation’s largest consumer base. Excessive consumption creates wealth while excessive over production creates poverty.
In America to create jobs government needs only to cut taxes and deregulate (Which sometimes means only to ignore current regulations until new businesses get well rooted). To put expendable cash in the hands of consumers is the key as consumers will spend creating a demand for re-supply at the foundation of our economy – retail!!!! Instead the bureaucratic moron’s in Congress and heads of state invest millions into corporations that laugh all the way to the bank with stimulus money.
Jobs are a bi-product of consumption. Corporations need volume to make high volume manufacture, assembly and production cost effective. The hiring of twenty or thirty employees does not create the demand required to increase production. Tax cuts that place money in the hands of a 100 million consumers is the only remedy except of course war; which is an immediate remedy to corporations that exact an immediate need for volume production of the tools for war and at the same time reduces population. Your choices – reduce taxes and deregulate or create war to satisfy the national government economy favoring corporations. Adolf Hitler understood this. National Socialism requires only perpetual demand for war supplies and population control by eugenics.


The balance in decision is nationalism, (war, death and destruction) or free enterprise, (individual prosperity, security, and peace). Without congressional approval any laws made by other means are unconstitutional and executive privilege is bound by a checking mechanism that would never allow a single American official to have the authority to diminish or eliminate the sovereignty of people. Such is why the requirement to make foreign treaty was mandate to congressional approval.

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