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Cash Flow vs. Deficit Budget Vol. 1.3


The fear of the American colonist following the revolution and separation from English rule was that a central government with the authority to rule or over-rule the state legislatures would eventual find ways to dominate the states replacing the monarchy with still another system of oppressive government. It was recognized by scholars, politicians, and businessmen that society is made up of factionsand the best protection to their own security and happiness was to create a system of government that would deter the natural order of government to increase itself and to resist the eventual demise to the oligarchy of bureaucracy.

The confederate organization of states designed under the Articles of Confederation was a loose agreement between the states in participation to establish a union in defense and foreign commerce. Though this first attempt at establishing a republic will fail within seven years it did accomplish a number of beneficial legislation. At this time it is the establishing of the tax system which under the Articles of Confederation the organization relied upon donations made by the states while the states maintained the ability to create and raise taxes as they pleased leaving the tax systems initiated to be appropriate to the needs and wants of each individual state. It remains pretty much the same today with the exception of the expansion of central government into the states with a national income tax.

Assessment, tariffs and impost fees have been the source of government revenue and when the concept of federal organization was reached in 1789 the legislatures and experts agreed that for this new republic to succeed it could not rely upon other governments for its operational revenue. 370px-FederalistThis modern concept of raising revenue by global organization is in contradiction to this realization as under the Uruguay Round Agreement Act of December 8, 1994, that transformed the General agreement on Tariffs and Trade into the World Trade organization places the fate of the American economy in the hands of countries that have no interest in the best interest of the American people, their economy or the industries that build the economy.

The World Trade Organization in 1994 existed of 123 countries and by 2001 had expanded into the Uruguay round Agreement on Agriculture WTO_members_and_observers.svgplacing the authority of tariff restricts, the phasing out of and tariff reductions, the ability to impose rules and regulations on member countries regarding all agricultural export, and domestic transactions to include sanitary and Photo sanitary measures under the organization.

This international organization also posses the administrative authority over trade related aspects of intellectual property, technology barriers which are used to forcing a country member to change their constitution to conform with trade between members and having the authority to mediate disputes between members. The result of such broad authority is that the organization is challenging the United States Constitution and exposing our legislative processes to foreign influence since the 123 foreign countries that make up the organization have the ability and influence to encourage law in the United States with imposing international laws beyond the jurisdiction of the United States Congress’s approval.
This breaches the very checking mechanism created by the Constitution that has allowed many corporations to sell the rights in use of trade mark, patent, and copyright to foreign governments while maintaining a presence here in the United States as liaisons to lobby in Washington laws, regulations and statutes that are impairing the ability of American industries to compete. In essence the Congress of the United States has allowed the operations of the Federal Government to fall into dependence on foreign resources to operate and who controls the money controls the making of Laws. This is a dangerous anomaly introduced in our economy since the establishing of the WTO and the North American Free Trade Agreement. Both of these international trade treaties are responsible for the nationalization of American industries and banks. The Federal Government has become the corporate administrator for American companies and these international corporations have effectively replaced the United States Congress as the law maker leaving Congress to be merely puppets for factional causes. 320px-Bush_Lula133635The implication assessed is that national taxes will become international taxes being made, imposed and enforced by international revenue administrators.

The structure of international commerce may seem to be the next block in the foundation of benevolent society, but is nothing less than a replacement of monarchy systems in exchange for corporate. National-commercialism will replace the people as the sovereign. Political correctness will replace moral value with the bottom line of profit, with the standards of society being regulated by warring minority factions rather than by ruling majority of people and the method of raising revenue to operate government is the means to control it. Share the wealth schemes 640px-David_Cameron_and_Barack_Obama_at_the_G20_Summit_in_Torontohave existed in history going all the way back in history to the Greeks and Romans. The ideals of communism and regulated states have advances from the days of nomad tribes, to villages, to city states to state countries to the ideal of commercial trade organizations that extend back more than One thousand years of the Roman Catholic Church. The strength of free society lies not in the communion in lack of distinction between people, but in the ability of people to manage and administrate the laws required and appropriate to their region and culture. This is the construction of the longest commercial Constitution to ever exist – ours. In spite of its mangled history that a magnified review reveals was more encouraged by the rule of factions, the United States Constitution has demonstrated with flexibility to alter to great changes for the correction to these vices of human nature. The America legislative process is a pendulum that teeters sometimes to far extremes until naturally factions rise from the mess to mend it and bring it back to balance. This is where we are now.

The road back to fiscal balance begins with the system used to raise revenue to operate the central and state governments. The elimination of the progressive tax system is the first step in this mending process that will place the tax system subordinate to the will of the people by removing the politics of factions. This system I published in 2008 is based upon residual royalty that are already in place and functioning. Since 2008 the system has become sophisticated – meaning; I understand more now than I did then. The first step is to make the state less dependent upon the central government grant process that gives national bureaucracies of independent agency the ability to mandate state programs and administrations. By establishing a system of raising and funding the operations of state government independent from federal manipulation the state (the direct representatives of people) gains back the control over education, health care, and industry and by eliminating the middleman from the equation (the federal government) these administrations become less expensive with more productive efficiency. The key to mending the tax scheme created by the Sixteenth Amendment is to first repair the open ended structure of the Fourteenth Amendment by finalizing the amendment with its appropriate and required counter clause that limits the powers of the central government. This is done with requiring that any law, legislation or act of the central government made under any means, mode or process not authorized under article 1 section 7 clause 3 or Article V are automatically subject to a federal referendum process.

The federal referendum process does not exist in our Constitution because the central government was never anticipated to become a nationalized government system. 495px-Constitution_of_the_United_States,_page_1The common Union trade Organization of the United States of America had the extent of its authorities listed in Article I sect 8 with a separation of authorities being exclusively reserved to the states under the first ten amendments of the United States Bill of Rights. As the Fourteenth Amendment expanded the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court to hear cases of controversy brought by one state against another an increase in the checking mechanism was mandate to continue a system of limited government. The failure in this adjustment meant to protect the people against factional coup e’tah has placed the entire citizenship of the United States in jeopardy of being overthrown by foreign government.

Taxes collected under the original Constitution were strictly for the operation of government administration and to provide ports and harbors and organized a national security of defense. Modern tax collection processes are directed towards extraction of wealth and redistribution through independent agency and other government regulatory and administrative projects. To adopt the residual royalty cash flow system the federal grant system becomes obsolete without throwing thousands of people who have become dependents of the state into the streets, or sacrificing education and health care. It allows industries to keep their profits and also eliminates the complex book keeping used by commercial enterprise in the attempts to retain as much of their profits possible – the Internal Revenue Service goes Jurassic!
In the state of Pennsylvania the designated school tax has caused thousands to lose their homes. To install the residual royalty system would eliminate this tax and place thousands of dollars back in the citizens expendable cash budgets and this cash is used to invest, purchase and expand new and existing businesses by a natural increase in demand for luxury items.
The school systems, private, public, community college and state universities will no longer be dependent on federal grant money.
Hospitals, correction facilities, fire and police will no longer be dependent upon federal grants.

Revenue will be generated by state natural and industrial resources that are separated into four cash flow cycles that generate revenue for different functions such as retirement, health care, and education, but rather than it be placed in federal or state budgets for appropriations, or distributed through privatizing (nationalizing) recent administrations have come to offer under the regulatory ambitions of independent agency. The system of residual royalty establishes Individual accounts that are initiated through by individuals through private banks and where the royalties are collected at an adjustable rate explained in detail in my book “The Handbook of Residual Finance” by Trust companies who collect then redistribute the royalty to citizens. The accounts belong to the individual and not either the government or employer removing the temptation and ability to government bureaucrats who have at every opportunity devised schemes to milk the funds into ventures that often fail and leave the program – such as Social security – doomed to bankruptcy.

Changing from the deficit budget system to a cash flow system eliminates the fiscal debt and reliance upon foreign resources to operate American government. Residual Royalty establishes an economic balance that cannot spike below the minimum levels of use and consumption. It is stable, consistent and predictable. It does not require any changes in the legislative or appropriations other than it eliminate the grant funding programs that are incorporated into the individual accounts reducing the necessity for independent agency that in turn reduces the federal fiscal budget because the accounts are managed by private banks and not bureaucracy. The use of establishing federal referendum then places the auditing of the federal under the jurisdiction of the states that can be subjected to call a federal referendum by a state process by people to challenge, modify, or revoke legislation made under methods or processes not listed in the United States Constitution especially in regards to the residual royalty system –people are the only consistency in the social equation of fair society and this is the true direction of benevolent society, monarchical, fundamentalist and National Commercialism are steps backwards.

All the information required is collected and compiled by the United States Census,493px-US-NAICS-Logo.svg the Internal Revenue Service, The Mineral Survey and Geological society, the Central Intelligence agency with all access by internet so that every citizen has the information at hand to make rational decisions about the rates, and compensations of residual royalty. The system is designed to modify existing systems already functional. The major investment has already been appropriated for and paid by tax payers. It needs only to be phased in beginning first with retirement, then education and then formal infra structural administrations such as the judiciary, corrections, and enforcement; from there protective services, fire departments, hospitals, and institutions with each eventually eliminating obsolete functions of independent agency and reduction in the federal fiscal budget resulting in smaller central government administration.

Reflections on history from modern conditions to ancient structure of city states the one consistent denominator in the decline and failure of most civilizations is taxes and the over expansion of government. With hindsight being 20-20 the only clog preventing our society from resolving our problems is the impending resistance of bureaucrats that’s career has become to protect the bureaucracy.The inability of these people to admit they are wrong with their assessments and wrong about their solutions is the hurdle we must overcome. The solution to this comes with the selection of candidates that run in the state primaries.

The two party systems is failing us since both parties have been taken over by progressive-nationalist whose only solution to a failing economy is to raise taxes to cover the misappropriations of Federal and state budgets. Issues that cannot be resolved by political means must be resolved by people under the Tenth Amendment. All states with the except of Delaware have a referendum process, but only 15 have a method of allowing people a chance at bringing this process into action. Referendum is not initiative that are legislation brought directly from people, organizations and industries. Referendum are referred by the state legislatures to determine whether the legislation truly represents the majority or is a result of a power faction they had worked itself into a position of majority in the state assembly and now uses that majority to manipulate their power to their own advantage and purposes. On the federal level there is no process for referendum and this is why the Federal government has worked its way into the pockets and households of every American family in the country.
The state primary elections are the more important of the two voting processes, but the two main parties have diluted voters to disregard the importance of the Primary. The two parties control the outcome of the November elects by a process of first eliminating the competition. Anyone can run under either party title, but the national parties of both Democrat and Republican’s maintain control over who will win the party ticket based upon loyalty to party agenda. The key to having influence in the selection of candidates is not in establishing a third party. The key is in establishing an independent group of voters as the balance between people and bureaucracy.

The no-affiliation voter group is Republican-Democrats noaffiliatewho do not support the foreign or domestic agenda’s of either national party. No-affiliation voters are recognized as members of the two party systems, but an intellectual standard is set by the two national organizations that exempt these voters from participating in the primaries because the national parties cannot control or predict how these voters will vote. This is the key in the selection of candidates that will represent the interest of the people and are not merely puppet legislators of special interest factions. There are already enough registered No-affiliation voters in Pennsylvania to elect a governor and take a majority of seats in both houses of assembly and have as much voting strength to accomplishing the same at the federal level.

In conclusion to have transparency, a stable fiscal budget and fair representation in State and federal government’s people must have an influence in the selection of candidates in the primary elections. People must rid the states and federal of the deficit based system and create a cash flow system. and resolve the open ended structure of the Fourteenth Amendment with the appropriate counter measures and end 147 plus years of Civil War reconstruction.

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