No Affiliation Alliance

The November Election results should not be determined by the Primary selection of party candidates

we must regain control over the election process that has been stolen by national party minorities

we must regain control over the election process that has been stolen by national party minorities

Are you a republican or democrat (not a social nationalist – a real democrat). Now that the primaries are over. It is necessary that those interested people that wish to serve their community and run for office act…you can re-register as a no affiliation candidate and still maintain your republican-democrat status.

There are over 620,000 No Affiliation voters in the state of Pennsylvania. No Affiliation is NOT A THIRD PARTY. No Affiliation voters are republican and democrat voters that DO NOT SUPPORT THE NATIONAL agenda of selling out America by either party.

No-Affiliation candidate’s are not obligated to vote a strict party line which is why the republican and democrat parties disallow No-Affiliation voters to vote in the primary. Because if we did – we would have better representation and the national parties would lose control over the election process.

We do not need a third party…we need to simply pressure the state election board to outlaw intellectual discrimination; if as individuals we choose NOT TO SUPPORT the national party agenda’s – our only option is to register mutual – No-Affiliation. This third option to the two party system should not be allowed to invalidate our choice and influence to choose our elected representatives. We are not independents! We are democrats-republicans for fair government.

The entire registration of both democrats and republican’s are constituted to have influence in the selection of candidates in the primary instead of being forced to choose between those candidates selected by the minority of party membership….Let No Affiliation voters vote in the primary and we will get a better quality of candidate.

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